D.T. Suzuki Museum

The D.T. Suzuki Museum is architecturally splendid in its simplicity. Suzuki was a student of Buddhism who was born in Kanazawa, where the museum is located. The emphasis is on serenity and contemplation. As you move through the building you learn about Suzuki’s life who lived and worked in the U.S.A. as well as Japan. Enclosed in the building is a library where you can read about Zen Buddhism or use technology to learn more. You then move past the contemplative pond into the meditation zone. The modernity of the surroundings blended with the ancient ideas of Buddhism almost compels you to sit for a while. With a small entry fee of just 300 yen you could choose to regularly meditate here. Th

Rhythmically hypnotic

Marina Abramovic's REJUVENATOR OF THE ASTRAL BALANCE uses metronomes and deck chairs to create a meditative zone. Ideally, you sit in a deck chair for 45 minutes with eyes closed listening to the syncopation of the metronomes set to differnt rhythms. It worked, I noticed an initial rhythmic pattern that seemed to fade away, then later I heard that pattern return. At the Foundation Louis Vuitton, it is difficult to relax for the prescribed 45 minutes with patrons noisily intruding and others using the deckchairs as a place to sit and talk on their mobile phones. I was able to slip into the zone for about 20 minutes and I did feel rejuvenated.


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