On Monday I began to understand more about dementia. Churches of Christ Care invited me along to their launch of the Virtual Dementia Tour (VDT). It is a virtual reality tool for carers of people with dementia to gain a "window into their world". There are 44.7 million diagnosed with dementia worldwide with many believing the actual number to be more than double this amount. The creator of VDT, P.K. Beville, has been researching geriatric care for more than 20 years. P.K. was fascinating to listen to - her obvious knowledge about the ageing brain and her deep commitment to understanding the difficulties of living with dementia make her a lively speaker. Her talk included snippets from her

Positively positive

As we near the end of term a report card from one of our clients. This busy specialist clinic has been using Mindsettle in their waiting room since April. The Practice Manager gave us this feedback: "Everybody loves Mindsettle. We play it all day everyday. We are not sick of it and it is much better for the staff than other music or TV. The patients, doctors, drug reps and delivery guys all stop to say how great it is." To celebrate, here's a little snippet for you to enjoy.

The Shame of Occupational Violence

It's hard to imagine how anyone could act violently against those who dedicate their lives to caring for others and yet there were 3325 reported incidents against Nurses and Midwives in Queensland for 2014/15 . According to the Occupational Violence Prevention in Queensland Health’s Hospital and Health Services Taskforce Report this is a problem requiring a multi-faceted solution. A recommended definition for this aggressive behaviour proposed by the report is: "Occupational violence is any incident where an employee is abused, harassed, threatened or assaulted by patients and consumers, their relatives and friends or members of the public, in circumstances arising out of, or in the course

Peace, rest and quiet

Henry Marsh is a neurosurgeon from the UK who is regarded as unusual because he writes and speaks openly about his failures in surgery. It was illuminating listening to him in conversation with Paul Barclay at the Brisbane Powerhouse on Sunday evening. To a non-medico he provides insights into the difficulties of the doctor-patient relationship and the struggle to build trust, especially important when the outcome of surgery is dire. Essentially he believes that it is an uneven relationship resulting in the doctor having the power and the patient making decisions from a place of fear. Marsh's routine is to visit his patients the night before surgery and again after surgery. He recommends sit


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