Did you know that watching nature on a screen can: lower heart rates, speed healing, reduce requests for pain medication, decrease levels of stress hormones and increase a sense of calm and well-being?

Imagine your screen full of the wonders of the natural world accompanied by beautiful music so there is no language barrier.

my serene screen is a thoughtful response to the rise of anxiety in our society. All you need to access the calming and restorative benefits of nature is a screen with internet access.

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Tom, 14

It makes me feel calm and loose.

Lulu, 18

I was feeling anxious and couldn't get to sleep, then I remembered Mindsettle. I watched until I was calm.

enjoy screen time that increases calm + wellbeing

Mindsettle acknowledges the traditional owners of the land we operate on across Australia and reminds people that we are on Aboriginal land. Mindsettle also acknowledges the Elders and in particular those visiting this website.