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Nature-deficit disorder

Nature-deficit disorder is a term coined by Richard Louv, an American journalist and writer who is an advocate for the benefits of nature. He believes that a lack of access to nature is directly responsible for the rise in ADHD, depression and obesity.

In our society there has been a focus on keeping our kids safe, which often translates into keeping them inside where parents can see them. Louv says that there are new communities being built in the US that outlaw putting up a basketball hoop or even drawing with chalk on the footpath (this can apparently lead to cocaine use).

He acknowledges that nature can be dangerous - there may be bears in the woods or here in Australia - snakes in the bush. Despite the dangers there are many ways your child can engage with nature safely. Louv's books and the Children and Nature Network give practical suggestions to parents. Inspired by Louv's ideas nature clubs for families have been popping up all over the US and Canada. Your kids might whine about going for a bush walk and pine for their devices, but if other kids are invited along they become involved in play and you'll have to drag them home.

The Mindsettle films are produced with the dual purpose of stirring curiosity and wonder about nature whilst soothing anxiety. As Richard Louv says "giving them a dose of Vitamin N", N for NATURE.

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