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Evocative Digital Images

Echo that Emotion re-imagines vintage photographs to evoke a feeling of connection across time and place. Echoing the imagined emotions helps us to realise our common humanity. These images can be used in many ways.

  • You could use your digital tv to showcase your collection.

You could project an image on a wall to reflect your changing moods.
You could add one to your blog to illustrate your writing themes.
You could contemplate an image as a mini-meditations.

Images on this site are digitized and coloured from old black and white negatives collected over decades from Japan and other places.

Together the images offer an expanding archive of how individuals saw themselves, their surroundings and the personal moments they chose to record in the early 20th century, distinct from official or stereotypical depictions. Each particular image is a catalyst for emotional connections across time and place.

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