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Lisa Behan

Inspired by walks in nature, Lisa began focussing her art on the development of tranquil, visual stimulus in 2017,  with the driver of increasing calm and wellbeing in viewers.
Mindsettle, is the culmination of her work, and is now being put into functional use, to calm patients in various clinical settings, including both St Vincent's Hospitals in Brisbane.
Mindsettle is designed to be a powerful catalyst for people to slow down, feel centred, and stay calm through art.
Mindsettle uses the mixed media of natural images, curated to an original soundtrack, to invoke a deep sense of release in viewers.


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Dr Jan Cattoni

Jan Cattoni’s professional career spans a number of disciplines including filmmaker, academic and paediatric intensive care nurse. Jan has woven these disciplines into a kind of hybrid career in ethical filmmaking, often working with vulnerable individuals and marginalised communities. Jan’s broadcast credits are primarily as a writer director of short drama, documentary and factual series for ABC, SBS and RTE. After moving back to north Queensland from Brisbane a decade ago, Jan has worked primarily in remote Indigenous communities producing content for ICTV and NITV, and mentoring emerging Indigenous directors.

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Jacinta Shackleton

Jacinta Shackleton is a marine biologist and passionate conservationist working on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.


During her time working on a remote island she has been able to capture a wide variety of marine life on film as they undertake a regular day on a coral reef.  

Instagram account: @jacintashackleton 

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Ricardo Nankoo

Ricardo Nankoo is an experienced and award winning drone photographer from Brisbane. He love capturing the nature's raw beauty and emotions from different angles through his drone photography and videography.

He specialises in nature, landscape, aerial and also real estate photography.

You can follow his drone photography journey on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


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Mindsettle is an Australian Profit-For-Purpose enterprise. We create evidence-based solutions that improve wellbeing and build mental resilience. Our approach brings together art, science and technology to bring calm to a variety of settings.

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Painting soundscapes:


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