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When you find yourself sitting in a medical waiting room it is natural to feel isolated or anxious.


"Our patients can spend a dreaful amount of time waiting for their procedures. During this time they become even more anxious about their welfare."

Dr. Ruth Hodgson, Prince Charles Hospital



At Mindsettle we create mini-films designed to calm the anxious experience of medical waiting rooms. Each particular image is a catalyst for emotional connection, taking the patient away from their feelings of isolation and anxiety. Our collection of images have a unique beauty not to be found in the generic perfection usually found in digital arenas.


When settled in the waiting room your patients will find a mini-film being displayed on your screen and watch the images slide by. This action of watching the films can be done for as long as the patient finds value in it or until their wait is over. The mini-films give the patients refuge from the anxieties of the waiting room by providing soothing images that have an emotional connection to watch.


A study published by The Center for Health Design in November 2011, found that there was a significant decrease in restless behaviour whenpatients had serene images to look at while they were in the waiting room.

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