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Wellbeing Walks

This guided one-on-one experience combines movement, attention to breath, being present and compassionate with the calming and restorative benefits of nature

Let me walk alongside you to help you to feel:

  • Connected

  • Calm

  • Validated

  • Respected

  • Supported

  • Valued

  • Heard

As humans we go through many transitions in our lives. These include shifting from being students to workers to mothers to empty-nesters to elders. Other transitions include leaving relationships; recovering from mental illness, trauma or other significant health challenges; responding to changes arising from job and or housing losses; and leaving familiar communities to resettle elsewhere. During these times of transition, upheavals, and recovery, we can experience grief from a loss of identity or relevance leading to anxiety, isolation, reduced self-esteem, or other challenges.



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I have been using contemplative practices for more than 25 years. These techniques have been vital to my continued wellbeing and have seen me through some significant transitions.

Through my research and personal experiences, I know that nature, movement and contemplative practices have a positive impact on wellbeing. By walking in my neighbourhood forest, I have experienced how nature is medicine. There comes a moment during every walk when a large sigh escapes me. It works like a vent to release tension and take in nourishment. Nature can reduce our stress, it can make us more creative, it can bring us closer together ,and is good for our physical health.

My deep concern about the rise of anxiety and disconnection in our society has led to my desire to serve women. Nurturing wellbeing and connection with other women in my community is my way of sharing techniques to maintain mental, emotional and physical fitness.

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