“Loving Mindsettle. I just want to say thank you for your programs. I work night shifts in hospital, not only are your programs calming they are so so interesting.
Thank you again,

let your mind settle

Mindsettle is working to calm patients in many clinical settings using a combination of tranquil natural images and curated soothing music. 

Bring the restorative and calming benefits of music + nature to the screens in your practice.

Mindsettle is:

  • Respectful

  • Peaceful

  • Appropriate

This tranquil audio/visual content is a mindful alternative to commercial television and disturbing hospital sounds.

Mindsettle can decrease levels of stress hormones and increase a sense of  well-being.


This collection of tranquil films brings the benefits of nature, usually found outside, inside to residents.


The accompanying music has been composed to soothe, there are no disturbing narratives to cause confusion.

Mindsettle acknowledges the traditional owners of the land we operate on across Australia and reminds people that we are on Aboriginal land. Mindsettle also acknowledges the Elders and in particular those visiting this website.