Tunnel Vision

“Vision is by far our most dominant sense, taking up half of our brain’s resources.” “We learn and remember best through pictures, not through written or spoken words.” “Visual processing dominates the perception of our world. We see with our brains. We actually experience our visual environment as a fully analysed opinion about what the brain thinks is out there.” Brain Rules by John Medina These quotes from John Medina’s excellent book Brain Rules are what keep me so intrigued about the brain and helps to explain the visual spell that certain images can cast over me. Think about all the sights we have processed over a lifetime and how that information creates the way we see the world both

How Nature Nurtures

"Even just looking at photos of nature in a quiet room has a greater cognitive boost than walking down a busy urban street." Jared Green This notion is at the heart of what we believe at Mindsettle. Our purpose is developing easy ways to access curated images of nature that will help your mind settle. We're looking for people to test the mini-films we have put together. If you live in the Brisbane (Australia) area, please help us and we will reward you with a limted edition giclee printed card. click here to volunteer!

Founder Freak-out

Thanks to Digital Brisbane and River City Labs I am doing a course called Entrepreneurship 101 every Thursday. One week we were encouraged to speculate in groups about an idea, it seems we are mostly introverts, so as we looked around the room to communicate with each other we also carefully avoided eye contact. I like the quietness of our group, gradually the ice between us is melting. We seem so different from the amped-up extroverts making pitches on YouTube. When I talked to the group about Mindsettle, our mentor Aaron Birkby said I should try out the idea with volunteers from River City Labs, because running a start-up is seriously stressful. I have been researching all types of anxieti


Meditation is a practice that I know is good for me. Nevertheless I find that resistance can set in, so near the start of each year I like to reaffirm my commitment to meditation in some way. Last year I went to The Relaxation Centre and did a course led by Rachel Darken on Mindfulness Based Meditation. Rachel explained that this resistance is to CHANGE, the mind notices a shift in consciousness and resists. For me it was counter-intuitive to meditate with others, but I was surprised at how much easier it was to meditate in a group. This is because of mirror neurones in our brain that like to echo what's going on around them. I had read about the concept and it was a bit of a mind freak to


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