The Passion for Compassion

The annual passion play of Easter is upon us. For many a time to enjoy with family and friends. A chance to relax and have a few laughs. For some it's too near to Christmas to endure. For my kids it's an EVENT they have been looking forward to since Australia Day. At school the priests and nuns told me that Jesus died for my sins. That story is the first example of compassion I remember. Joan Halifax is a Buddhist teacher who works with people at the end of their lives. She says that compassion allows us to see clearly into the nature of suffering, but we cannot be attached to the outcome of that suffering. Those she tends to the dying with are mostly woman - they use their hands to ease suf


Yesterday, I wasn't at the top of my game, I was feeling beaten up emotionally. While doing some internet research I came across a woman who lifted my spirits. "I've had a really difficult life, but that's okay." says Lizzie Velasquez as she speaks at a TED talk in 2014. She talks about resilience and not being defined by how other people see you - or clearly don't see you or even look for you. The cruelty of people still surprises me. Lizzie found a video of herself that had been posted online titled WORLD'S UGLIEST WOMAN", that had over 4 million views. In a state of disbelief she scrolled through the comments section, where strangers were merrily riffing about her appearance. A typical co


During my research this week I stumbled upon this fab group from the UK called Mind. Mind is a charity that works for better mental health. They have commissioned two studies to measure the impact of ecotherapy on metal health. In their report they define ecotherapy as "a natural, free and accessible treatment that boosts our mental wellbeing. Whether it’s a horticultural development programme supervised by a therapist or simple walk in the park, being outdoors and being active is proven to benefit our mental health." We all love research that confirms our own point of view, so as a person who feels the benefits of walking in the forest or alongside the brook, I can happily find validation


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