Feeling down? You're not alone.

Sometimes life gets you down. Despite your desire to be positive and hopeful about the future you may find yourself filled with worries. Worries about your physical and mental health or that of your family, you may have financial or career concerns or relationship worries. These worries accumulate giving us alarming statistics. Around a million Australian adults have depression and 2 million have anxiety – so it makes sense to have strategies that help us feel peaceful. We know that being in nature makes people feel good, but because it’s not always possible or practical to be in the great outdoors Mindsettle brings nature to you. Research in this area, has been summed up by Elizabeth Line


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Mindsettle acknowledges the traditional owners of the land we operate on across Australia and reminds people that we are on Aboriginal land. Mindsettle also acknowledges the Elders and in particular those visiting this website.