Mindless or Mindful

I'm reading two books very slowly almost as a way of practicing mindfulness. Coming to our Senses by father of Western mindfulness Jon Kabat-Zinn (JKZ) and The Art of Living by living treasure Thich Nhat Hanh. Both men carefully consider the words they string together so that as I read about new ideas I have complete clarity. Consider this passage from Kabat-Zinn: "More than anything else, I have come to see meditation as an act of love, an inward gesture of the heart that recognizes our perfection even in our obvious imperfection, with all our shortcomings, our wounds, our attachments, our vexations and our persistent habits of unawareness." I have found this to be true in my meditation and


On Tuesday I spent most of the day enveloped in a warm feeling of euphoria. I like to note these feelings of joy to remind myself that they do occur. Our brains are wired to remember the bad stuff, learning how to avoid the bad (like sabre-toothed tigers) is how we've thrived as a species. It's probably why we love photos and videos, they help us record all the good moments in our lives. I started the morning in the shoes of a patient at the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital. The Starlight Foundation was letting adults experience the escape offered by the Starlight Express Room. I was filled with admiration for the way the Captain Starlights were able to create a warm, happy and fun retreat f


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