Reaction Time

Exploring meditation has allowed me to observe the infinitesimal changes it has made. After eight years of practice, sometimes sporadic, sometimes daily I can notice an increase in: patience self-awareness kindness gratefulness forgiveness and a decrease in: judgement guilt vanity hurtful speech These gains will probably not spring to mind if you were to ask my family for an assessment, because I have certainly not attained enlightenment, but I am content to do the work and fight the resistance to meditation that wells up. What I'm also aware of is the gap that exists between stimulus and response. Frankl said "between stimulus and response, man has the freedom to choose". So we could choose


Walking Saturday afternoon, I noticed this soft suffusion of feeling. Everything was alright, the things that I strive for are possible, I was feeling optimistic about the world. It dawned on me (at dusk) that I felt at peace. How was this possible? On Friday night three of us had gone along to the Relaxation Centre to hear Venerable Robina Courtin speak on the topic of Courageous Compassion. While walking I had been reflecting on her down to earth style and the wisdom she showed in being able to communicate the Buddhist view so that I could see the absolute logic. I think that's why this philosophy becomes attractive - as you strive to know your own mind, as you question what is - you seem

The Hare and the Turtle

Progress is slow and steady. A prototype called My Happy Place is being trialled in a primary school with students with high anxiety and Autism Spectrum Disorder. It uses gentle images of nature as anxiety reducing breaks to create a sense of calm. I’m quietly excited about the feedback received so far: User friendly Calming Makes the transition to tasks less fraught These results are being used to reach out to other schools to run trials. I have completed my 30 week Entrepreneurs 101 course sponsored by Digital Brisbane. We were a group of diverse dysfunctionals who grew in confidence by supporting each other in a rich learning environment peopled by enthusiastic local entrepreneurial exper


A.B.J. Abdul Kalam died in 2015 after a life devoted to science, politics, education and public service. I'm impelled by words of wisdom from people's lived experience. I love that a random quote on Facebook leads me to discover these paragons of wisdom. Each week I like to find inspiration from a different source. And because these people have often come to similar conclusions, their words strike me as TRUE. In my mind it then becomes akin to a collective consciousness or perhaps more accurately the way I would like society to be. There are some snippets of Kalam's wisdom here.


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