It's always wonderful to find more research that validates an idea you have. Judy Robinson, a psychologist friend sent me the link to Project Soothe, which is running at The University of Edinburgh. Our aim is to use gentle images of nature as anxiety reducing breaks to create a sense of calm. Project Soothe are interested in similar outcomes, they explain the principles so eloquently here. Like them we want to co-create with the end-user, but see more benefit in mini-films with sound and seek to eventually create a gamified version for children and teens. Please contact me if you would like to help or be involved in trials.

Fully immersed

In a recent conversation with an educator, she told me that anxiety is an invisible illness. You look fine and mostly you are able to behave within the accepted parameters of society. This educator has anxiety which she treats with medication, has a child with anxiety which she treats with psychology and works in special education where she sees anxiety exacerbate other conditions her students have. She is fully immersed in the world of anxiety. One of the ways she gets her son out into nature is to send him fishing with his grandfather. Fishing is one of those activities that cultivates contemplation - you sit or stand with a line looking out to a body of water. You are in nature, you are c

Social Reformation

WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM LIFE? WHAT DOES LIFE EXPECT FROM YOU? Caroline McHugh, creator of the concept Return on Individuality(ROI), challenges us with these questions. She insists that "Your job is to be good at being you." That in this age that seeks authenticity, being who you are is your competitive advantage, because no-one else can be you. I so admire great thinkers, especially those who can articulate their ideas well. Caroline's take on the way we see ourselves gives new ways to assess who we are. Self esteem or self worth is often a balancing act between SUPERIORITY - when we have delusions of grandeur or INFERIORITY - which is the delusion of insignificance


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