It's in your nature

In 2013, I was working as an artist in residence on Minjerribah, North Stradbroke Island for the Lines in the Sand festival. The brief was to produce art works of an ephemeral nature to be installed at various sites on the Pt Lookout Headland during the week, artists were encouraged to respond to the environment. I have been a visitor to the island since 1987 and when there the gorge walk is a daily essential. It's a spectacular setting for observing nature, so I thought about building a place where you could be tucked up in nature - observe without being observed. I was pretty sure I could build some sort of structure out of pandanus leaves that had been shed. I hoped it could be a contemp

Nature-deficit disorder

Nature-deficit disorder is a term coined by Richard Louv, an American journalist and writer who is an advocate for the benefits of nature. He believes that a lack of access to nature is directly responsible for the rise in ADHD, depression and obesity. In our society there has been a focus on keeping our kids safe, which often translates into keeping them inside where parents can see them. Louv says that there are new communities being built in the US that outlaw putting up a basketball hoop or even drawing with chalk on the footpath (this can apparently lead to cocaine use). He acknowledges that nature can be dangerous - there may be bears in the woods or here in Australia - snakes in the b


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