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On Tuesday I spent most of the day enveloped in a warm feeling of euphoria. I like to note these feelings of joy to remind myself that they do occur. Our brains are wired to remember the bad stuff, learning how to avoid the bad (like sabre-toothed tigers) is how we've thrived as a species. It's probably why we love photos and videos, they help us record all the good moments in our lives.

I started the morning in the shoes of a patient at the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital. The Starlight Foundation was letting adults experience the escape offered by the Starlight Express Room. I was filled with admiration for the way the Captain Starlights were able to create a warm, happy and fun retreat from the reality of being a patient.

Next stop was a meeting to discuss a Mindsettle collaboration. Building these client relationships is a slow, steady process and it's wonderful that the people I'm talking to 'get' how Mindsettle can help improve the patient experience. I've discovered that even seasoned entrepreneurs still find satisfaction in making connections. This is from an interview with Nirav Tolia, Co-founder of Nextdoor "... you play with the tools you have, and those change over time. Now, the tools I have are experience and deep relationships with folks I’ve worked with".

It feels good to stretch my brain - pulling a bunch of small ideas together to start a business is both exciting and risky. Kelly McGonigal psychologist and lecturer at Stanford University expresses it well "There is the joy of being your best self—how good it feels to use your strengths in service of something you care about, or to express your most deeply held values."

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