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Building Trust

I was talking with a new client yesterday. Rob Duhig is a dentist who has been serving his patients for 34 years from his Sandgate practice. He told me that fear prevents around 50% of the population from visiting a dentist, so their primary mission is to build trust with their patients by providing friendly service, professional care and minimising bill shock.

Rob explains that their patients can be in pain and distress while waiting for their appointment. After a trial of Mindsettle in their reception area they decided to sign up to reduce their patients' fear. Feedback from their patients had been positive and reception staff found that the soundtrack helped them maintain calm during the busyness of the day.

This was an excellent reminder from Rob to me to focus on what your customer needs and to clearly articulate how Mindsettle will benefit a practice. This clarity of message can be a struggle to get right, I hope we're on the right track, but any suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

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