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A Happy Anniversary

In 2017, having just celebrated my fiftieth birthday, I decided to take the risk of turning a concept into a business. After a year of research and trials Mindsettle was launched. The only way for a business to feel real is to have clients, the best way to establish credibility is to have clients. On 26 May 2017, Rob Duhig confirmed to me that he was excited to be my first customer.

Rob, now a retired dentist was someone I consulted with while developing Mindsettle. I wanted to know if the concept made sense to him, would it work and was there market potential. Rob told me that going to the dentist ranks as one of the biggest fears held by the general populace, in fact around 50% will not go to a dentist. It made sense to him to do whatever he could to make his patients feel calmer, so we set up some underwater Mindsettle content on the screen in the waiting room.

Rob told me that the trend being promoted at Dental Conferences was the offer of free screens to medical practices that made money advertising other local businesses. He found this commercialisation of patients deeply disrespectful. These people trust you with their care and you reward that by selling to them while they wait anxiously for treatment. His decades of experience told him that this was not the right direction. So happily the timing was perfect for us to bring the calming benefits of nature to the patients of Rob Duhig Dental.

Thanks to you Rob for being my first customer and a terrific advocate for patient-centred care.


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