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The year (that almost) was...

Hello Mindsettle Friends,

How are you doing? I am so HAPPY to put 2020 behind me. It was not quite the I was expecting, how about you? But with 2020 hindsight I can look back at the year with some appreciation.


A trip to Melbourne in February was a great opportunity to meet with the team at St. George’s Hospital in Kew. They have been using Mindsettle content in Normanby House, their Secure Dementia Unit since 2018. It was humbling to hear feedback from various team members. They told me it was an effective relaxation technique to minimise agitation and because there is no narrative it isn’t confusing for their residents.

During the height of Covid-19, the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) asked me to design a flyer for inclusion in their Covid packs, so that isolation patients knew that Mindsettle was playing on channel 406. Allowing them to enjoy tranquil natural images with curated soothing soundscapes to help increase calm and wellbeing.

Also, in response to Covid I set up a direct streaming service so that anyone, anywhere could use Mindsettle videos as anxiety breaks. You can try it for yourself using the free trial, it may help manage your stress. MindsettleTV

I produced three new videos for the Greater Brisbane Mental Health Expo. My favourite is Lull, check out the links and review for yourself.

As the year closed the RBWH made the decision to include Mindsettle content in the app they are developing for their patients. Staff had recommended Mindsettle as a way to enhance patient centred care, along with aiding staff wellbeing. As in-room televisions are phased out, patients will access the app on their own devices, whilst using they are in hospital.


The unexplained disappearance of our streaming partner Spondo. I am still looking for an Australian replacement, but in the interim we’re using the services of Pivotshare.

Though I had great hopes for 2020, it was not a year where it was possible to communicate with Health Organisations busy managing Covid. I’m looking forward to increasing our client numbers in 2021.

For those wishing to subscribe, please give me a call to create immediate positive impact.

May your mind settle in 2021,


Lisa Behan | Creative Collaborator

t: +61 434 486 690



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