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“Loving Mindsettle. I just want to say thank you for your programs. I work night shifts in hospital, not only are your programs calming they are so so interesting. Thank you again, Annie”

On this day in 2018, I was delighted that the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital (RBWH) began streaming Mindsettle for their patients on Channel 406 of their television entertainment system. The process for this service began twelve months beforehand and ultimately the approval came about due to the advocacy of the RBWH Foundation alongside the Pastoral Care and Aged Care teams.

Thus began regular check-ins to get feedback, anecdotally, I heard that it was becoming a practice to request a tv be brought to the bedside of patients who were feeling disturbed and that channel 406 was a way to bring calm. I remember the relief I felt when a friend spending weeks by the side of her partner who had suffered a stroke sent me a photo of the tv playing Mindsettle saying "Now I understand what your business is, this is so soothing."

In March, 2020 as the hospital was preparing for the unknowns of Covid-19, I got an email from the Clinical Nurse Consultant of the Eat Walk Engage program asking if I could create a flyer to include in the cognitive activity kits they were putting together for those in isolation wards. The flyer above was the result of this request.

Also in 2020, the RBWH made the decision to phase out the television system, moving to a web application for byo devices. The Eat Walk Engage team had authored a survey which helped to make the case for Mindsettle to be included on the app. The survey found that the introduction of Mindsettle increased patient and carer satisfaction and was respectful of patient preferences. The release of the RBWH app in December 2020 included Mindsettle TV, continuing their commitment to patient-centred care.

It has brought me joy to realise this idea of cultivating calm, especially in clinical settings where we often feel unsettled. Here's a way to let you mind settle.

Mindsettle TV content excerpt


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