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This week I had the pleasure of guest lecturing for Arts Therapy students at the Ikon Institute in Brisbane. The original plan was to meet in the City Botanic Gardens and guide the group through our Covid RE-LEAF workshop.

COVID RE-LEAF is an invitation to craft a unique memento, created from gathering nature samples while immersing in a beautiful environment. This is designed to be a way to focus on nurturing our individual and collective desire for connection with nature. To slow down, to consciously observe small details, repeating patterns, splashes of colour, the play of light and shadow, the decay and renewal of flora, the sounds, smells and rhythms of the natural world. To feel the calming and restorative benefits of nature, to let our mind settle.

The COVID safe plan was to re-locate to Zoom, so it became a good opportunity to use Mindsettle videos to bring nature to the student's screens. Mindsettle has been an excellent way for me to stay connected to nature, but sometimes in the busyness of running the business I forget about how watching the films works to slow my breathing, lower my blood pressure and increase my wellbeing. In the Zoom environment we left the screen to collect leaves, seeds, flowers and sticks that appealed to us and focused on creating a memento of nature. We then discussed the feelings that arose while we were in the act of making, the many ways we connect with nature, and what we had collected as inspiration. I was surprised by the true connection we were able to generate from a virtual meeting and welcomed the hopeful energy created by this connection.


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