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If you're anxious about the New Year it might comfort you to know you are not alone. In the US, according to Business Insider, it is calculated that they are 40 million people suffering from anxiety. The Uk is also concerned with, quoting 1 in 6 as having an anxiety disorder . In Australia, says the number with anxiety is 14%!

SO, what's with all this anxiety? I think part of the reason is that technology has removed many of us far from our biological settings. The invention of artificial light means we know longer set our body clocks to the rising and setting of the sun each day. This has messed with our circadian rhythms, leading to less restful sleep. Sleep lowers anxiety.

A large percentage of our work is now sedentary, which is far, far away from our nomadic nature of walking many hours a day. Walking lowers anxiety.

Much of our lives are now spent indoors, either in school learning or at work or in our comfortable homes. Being outdoors, being in nature lowers anxiety.

Access to people all over the world via screens has helped us to lose touch with our social abilities, it's much easier to make friends on-line than in real life. Spending time in the physical company of friends or family lowers anxiety.

Maybe our resolutions for the new year could involve sleeping and walking in nature. Strengthen your resolve and lower your anxiety. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.


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