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I've been watching Stacy Bare, the director of Sierra Club Outdoors, talk about a topic close to my heart - HOW GETTING OUTDOORS CAN HEAL. Bare is a US veteran who found himself with PTSD and a drug addiction. Using his black humour he tells us that his subsequent depression led to "suicidal ideation - which veterans refer to as 9mm or 45mm mouthwash". His mission is to make time in the outdoors part of the healthcare system - so that a prescription may be to take a hike! The researchers at The Greater Good Science Center are working alongside Bare to collate the evidence and results of this concept. From his time in war zones, he knows "how little energy can be used to create a negative experience" and exhorts us to do the opposite. Put our energy into creating positive experiences that are inclusive, that we absolutely need to "BELIEVE IN GOOD".

No big leap for me - I'm all in. Nature Nurtures.

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